Organix Dog Spa offers an all-inclusive grooming experience.

The Treatment

Organix Difference.

As a Dermatological Dog Spa, we are focused on providing treatments that are designed to benefit and ensure the health of your pups skin & coat. 

We apply handling methods that incorporate Dog Psychology and balanced dog training to establish an understanding with your dog on their own level. We strive to achieve your grooming goals whilst putting your pup’s well-being first, making sure that each guest is returned fresh, fluffy and most importantly, happy.

Your Appointment

When you arrive at Organix, your pup/s will be treated with private access to the whole spa, as we only have one family of dogs in at a time.

To determine the right treatment for your pup, we’ll begin by discussing your goals and your pup’s needs. Once you’re happy, your pup will be invited into our garden to stretch their legs and go toilet. This sets up the beginning of a calm & happy grooming experience.

Your pup is first bathed using our Organic/All Natural plastic-free shampoo bars before being treated with our specialised skin treatment.

As healthy hair stems from healthy skin, our skin treatment is formulated with lickable Banana Powder and Kaolin Clay. The treatment detoxifies the skin, absorbs oil, soothes inflammation and hydrates.

Once your pup has finished their spa treatment, we hand dry and brush them, check their ears and trim their nails. They are once again invited to the garden for a little break and will then receive their haircut or trim if requested. Once complete they will be able to nap, play or hang out in our garden until your return.

We try to make the whole process as calm and as comfortable as we can for both our guests (dogs) and their families.

Organic Bath
Skin Treatment
Blow Dry
Nail Trim
Ear Clean

What our Guests Say

Treatments 7
Bo the Beagle

Our dog hated baths and water and we had tried many different dog groomers and different ways to wash her. We found Organix Dog Spa and our dog loves it. She loves going to see Lydia and loves her baths there. Her itchy skin has also cleared up. Thank you so much, Lydia

Treatments 8
Bruno the Terrier X

100% great service! My boy was a bit itchy and would lick his body A LOT! Lydia helped by giving him a lovely mud bath and massage and his licking before bed has calmed down so much! For his 2 time at a groomer I was happy to see him comfortable with Lydia when I picked him up! Highly recommend! ❤️

Treatments 9
Xena the Husky

What an an amazing local business! Our Husky Xena had a great afternoon with Lydia at Organix Dog Spa! The products used are natural, organic and the mud treatment was perfect for Xena’s double coat. Plenty of care is taken to make sure your pup is happy, relaxed and pampered!


All inclusive Bath Treatment.
Your pup shouldn’t have to miss out. We keep it simple by offering an all inclusive bath service.









+ Tidy Up

Add-On From
Light trimming of your pup’s feet, eyes/visor and tail. We will neaten any feathering and finish with a hygiene clip.

+ Full Hair Cut

Add-On From
An all-over haircut to your specification and a hygiene clip. If you’re unsure about what style is right for your pup we can discuss your concerns during the consult.


Why does it matter what products are used?

Just like in humans, anything that is put on the skin can be absorbed into the body. Pet shampoos often have no ingredients list and are formulated to strip the skin and coat of everything on them to create a “clean” pet. However, the skin has its own delicate flora that should be preserved. By using harsh products, we see an increase in itching, rashes, hair loss and even oil production as the skin attempts to repair itself.

All of this can be prevented by using a well-formulated product. Simply put, not all dog shampoo is equal and the word “natural” and “gentle/sensitive” don’t really mean anything on a product label.

We have done extensive research on the products we use and stand by their ingredients and formulations. 

Can you just do a normal bath and haircut?

We value good skin health and believe every dog will benefit from using products that promote healthy skin flora. Using inferior products is not possible as we would be doing a disservice to our guests. For this reason, we do not downgrade our baths. However, should your dog require a haircut, we can certainly provide a basic, one-length all-over cut or whatever style you like.

All of this can be prevented by using a well-formulated product. Simply put, not all dog shampoo is equal and the worlds “natural” and “gentle/sensitive” don’t really mean anything on a product label.

We have done extensive research on the products we use and stand by their ingredients and formulations. 

Can I stay and watch?

Having a dog’s family stay and watch can hinder the dog’s grooming experience as most will prefer to stay with their families than a stranger which can lead to extra wriggling and added stress. This prevents the dog from developing that all-important bond with their grooming technician. While we don’t recommend families stay for the length of the appointment we are happy to accommodate any requests as long as it is safe to do so.

How long does an appointment take?

Appointments take roughly 2 hours for a bath and 3 hours for a full haircut. Times vary based on the size of your dog, the length of their coat and what work is required on the day.
As we are working with living beings that have a mind of their own, we are unable to guarantee appointment durations. This ensures your pup’s utmost safety and enjoyment.