Our Treatments

At Organix we have treatments to suit all kinds of guests (dogs) because we believe every guest is unique and they each deserve a tailored experience.

Start by choosing a treatment:

Treatment Option 1.


Bathed using an all natural range of shampoos designed to match pups skin & coat.    

Treatment Option 2.


Bathed using a selection of specialised treatments that aid in improving your pups skin & coat.

Included as Standard
Warm Water
Blow Dry
Nail Clip
Ear Clean
Conditioning Spray

Grooming Addons

Natural Trim
Full Clip / Stylised Trim

A light trimming to neaten up any feathering, feet and eyes trimmed with a hygiene clip for pups private areas and paw pads. 

A full body clip or stylised trim to your specifications or we can work with you to determine the right cut for your pups lifestyle! This includes a hygiene clip as standard. 

Grooming can only be booked in addition to a Bathing or Wellness Experience for optimal coat care.

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Wellness Treatments Menu

Canine Pelotherapy (Massage Mud Treatments)

Pelotherapy is the therapeutic use of mud applied and massaged to the body.
Our Pelotherapy Treatments contain all-natural Medicinal Mineral Mud among other essential ingredients to create 3 amazingly healthy and luxurious treatments.

Strengthens and protects pups skin and coat. A blend of ingredients to promote healthy skin, a natural parasite and yeasty skin relief.
Why Fortifying
To detoxify and promote healing for healthy skin & coat.

Contains witch hazel and lavender oil. High in antioxidants and cleansing astringents to calm, soothe and promote healing.
Why Soothing
To comfort sensitive, irritated skin. Reduces anxiety and promotes healing.
A cooling Pepermint and Menthol mud mix designed to invigorate your athletic or ageing pup.

Why Invigorating
A spot treatment to relax muscle soreness and ease arthritis symptoms.

Bathing Treatments Menu

Mineral Mud
& Green Tea
Ideal for
All Pups!
Standard Bath
Our Signature Vegan Mud shampoo contains nutrients that condition the skin & coat to deliver a shiny and healthy pup.
Natural Bath Treatments
An all natural range of shampoos designed to assist with common skin & coat ailments. All are completely safe and smell great!
& Aloe Vera
Ideal for
Tangles & Shedding
Apple Cider
Vinegar & Lemon Grass
Ideal for
Greasy Skin & Dandruff
& Dark Honey
Ideal for
Dehydrated Skin & Coat