We Groom Dog’s of all Ages and Sizes in a Calm, Stress Free & Friendly Environment.

Our services are completely tailored to consider your dogs temperament, needs, coat condition and your desired outcome. If you’re not sure what your dog needs, just ask! We’re more than happy to discuss grooming options with you.

Our products contain 7 certified organic extracts + absolutely no nasties for the healthiest groom ever!

Oh, and we proudly use Australian Made Products.

  Sulphate & Paraben Free
  Plant Derived Organic Ingredients
  No Synthetic Fragrances
  No Soap or Silicones
  No DPG or Pthalates
  No Artificial Colours
  No Mineral, Castor Oil or Animal Products
  Not Tested on Animals & Vegan Friendly

Organic Bathe

From 35.00

A calm and gentle wash + dry service for all dogs.

What’s Included?

+ Warm Bath & Dry
+ Nail Trim
+ Ear Clean
+ Conditioning Spray
+ Treatment Oil
+ Paw Balm
+ Brushing



Natural Trim

From 50.00

A refreshing coat trim for an effortless look that will remove any stray hairs and allow your dog to see again.

What’s Included?

+ The Organic Bathe
+ Hygiene & Paw Pad Clip
+ Paw Trim
+ Eye/Visor Trim





From 60.00

A full body clip to suit your desired look & your dog’s lifestyle. We can work with you on determining the best cut for your pup.

What’s Included?

+ The Organic Bathe
+ Hygiene & Paw Pad Clip
+ Full Body Clip
or Stylised Trim




Puppy Intro Groom NEW!

From 35.00

Grooming can be really scary for puppies so It’s important we introduce them to everything involved, slowly. I recommend starting grooming before they require a clip as short frequent visits are best when building confidence in your puppy.

What’s Included?

+ Handling
+ Noise Desensitization
+ Tool Acceptance
+ Toilet Breaks
+ Play Time

*Sessions are 30-40min long and are spaced out over 4 weeks.


Packages have been designed to support the needs of your dog in between grooms or as an add on to a grooming appointment.


+ Anti-Bac Paw Soak
+ Nail Trim
+ Paw Butter
+ Nail Polish

Perfect for: Dry paws & a bit of fun!


+ Nail Trim
+ Conditioning Spray
+ Light Coat Brush
+ Teeth Brushing
+ Ear Clean

Perfect For: In between groom upkeep


+ Light Coat Brush
+ Dermal Spray
+ Paw Butter
+ Nail Trim

Perfect for: Itchy Dogs.


+ Neem Seed, Fleabane & Peppermint Flea Shampoo
+ Dermal Spray
+ Paw Butter

Perfect for: dogs who have recently had fleas.


+ Complete Coat Brush
+ Conditioning Spray
+ Nail Trim

Perfect for: the upkeep of double coated breeds.


Single services that may be needed between grooms or as an addon.
Eg.: Paw or Visor Trim.


From 10.00

  • Hygiene Areas
  • Eyes
  • Feet
  • Tail
  • Nails


From 5.00

  • Ear Clean
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Dermal Spray + Brush
  • Paw Butter Massage
  • Nail Polish