Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Ice Treats

Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Ice Treats 1

Prep: 10 Mins – Cook Time: 30 Mins – Freezer: 1 Hour+ INGREDIENTS1/4 Pumpkin Diced1 Small Sweet Potato Diced1 Scoop Vet’s All Natural Grains1/4 Cup Dry Dog Food WHAT YOU’LL NEEDPot & LadleStick BlenderSilicone CupCake Tray and/or some Freezer Safe Toys METHOD Boil the Pumpkin and Sweet Potato until soft. Blend together keeping the mixture … Read more

How to Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer

Believe it or not, grooming can actually keep your dog cool! And I don’t necessarily mean by shaving them!There are 9 different type of coats your dog could have but no matter the coat type this simple technique will keep your dog cool and allow them to efficiently regulate their body temperature. BRUSH THEM!I speak … Read more

You may be using these dog walking tools wrong!

Flat collars, martingales, harnesses and halti’s. There are so many different walking tools out there that it can become quite confusing for dog owners to choose, let alone actually use them! I know when I was leash training my dog (Stretch, a mini Dachshund) I went through quite a few different styles only to find … Read more