How to Show Your Dog You Love Them!

How to Show Your Dog You Love Them! 1

We get dogs because we love them, right? We would play and cuddle with them all day long if we could! While that sounds great, providing our pups with some structure does improve their quality of life and reduces mental stress. Why? Because every living thing has and needs boundaries. It’s just nature! Here are … Read more

Why I’m Not a Mobile Dog Groomer.

Mobile grooming can be a great option for both the groomer and the dog owner in certain circumstances. For owners, it can be convenient not having to transport your dog anywhere and for the groomer, there’s a sense of freedom from being able to work from just about anywhere. Some dogs are extremely nervous in … Read more

Grooming Terms for the Dog Owner

You’ll be surprised at all the different ways you can say the same thing. Different people can use different expressions and different words to describe the same situation. That can be personal preference, how they were taught or just what they know to be correct. All of this can make a grooming consultation really confusing … Read more

Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Ice Treats

Prep: 10 Mins – Cook Time: 30 Mins – Freezer: 1 Hour+ INGREDIENTS1/4 Pumpkin Diced1 Small Sweet Potato Diced1 Scoop Vet’s All Natural Grains1/4 Cup Dry Dog Food WHAT YOU’LL NEEDPot & LadleStick BlenderSilicone CupCake Tray and/or some Freezer Safe Toys METHOD Boil the Pumpkin and Sweet Potato until soft. Blend together keeping the mixture … Read more

10 Steps to Dog Park Etiquette

I love the dog park! Seeing other dogs running around having fun, chasing toys and rolling everywhere possible, and mine walking beside me trying not to get in the way of the other dogs fun like the grumpy old man that he is…While arriving at the park and letting your dog go and run amuck … Read more