The Secret Truth About Oodles

The Secret Truth About Oodles 2

As a dog groomer, it’s my job to assist owners in looking after the health of their dogs as a whole. An attentive groomer will look after your dog’s skin and coat as their primary focus and then inspect their nails, ears and eyes. In doing so, they can ensure your dog is always kept … Read more

How to Choose the Best Dog Groomer.

How to Choose the Best Dog Groomer. 3

I often receive new enquiries from owners who are terrified of trying a new groomer or going to one for the first time. This could stem from having a bad experience, or learning about it from others. Not every dog groomer will suit every dog or owner. I’m here to set the record straight and … Read more

The myth about “Puppy Coat”. Is it real?

The myth about "Puppy Coat". Is it real? 4

It’s quite common to hear groomers, breeders and dog owners talking about “Puppy Coat”. Supposedly, it refers to a transition stage between puppy hair to adult hair. It’s often more difficult to manage and a lot of dog owners will use this theory as an excuse for why their pup has become so matted. But … Read more

3 Reasons you should never wash a knotty dog.

3 Reasons you should never wash a knotty dog. 5

Existing knots may tighten! Dirt & oil may become trapped! (Clogged follicles) You could create more knots! If your dog’s coat contains a multitude of knots and/or matting, dirt and sebum can build up within the knots. This build-up of hair, dirt and sebum can cause “clogged follicles” which leads to skin irritation, dandruff, possible … Read more

Your dog’s hair is amazing.

Your dog's hair is amazing. 7

I know, I know. Your dogs hair is falling out all over the place, what could possibly be so amazing about it?!Well, I’m here to convince you of your dogs unique abilities that are only possible because of their hair. As we continue to share our homes with more and more animals, we must realise … Read more

Do You Need to Shave Your Dog in Summer?

Do You Need to Shave Your Dog in Summer? 8

If I had a dollar for every time someone said that they needed to have their dog clipped short for the summer, I would be very well off. Like, my own helicopter, well off. 🚁 The idea that a dog with more hair than other dogs means they are hotter, is incorrect*. An animal with … Read more