Appointment T’s & C’s

Last Updated: 2/04/2020

Your pet will be accepted for grooming providing the following conditions are met and accepted by the owner or persons bringing forward the pet for grooming. By bringing forward your pet, you are agreeing that you have read and understood our Terms & Conditions.

1. The pet is presented in a healthy condition for grooming. Grooming may expose pre-existing medical and skin conditions for which Organix Dog Spa, cannot be held liable for.
2. Although Organix Dog Spa do everything possible to make your pet feel comfortable, grooming an elderly pet or a pet with a pre-existing or underlying medical or skin conditions is at the owner’s risk.
3. The owner understands that if they are uncontactable at the time of their pet’s appointment, the owner agrees to pay for all grooming services deemed necessary by Organix Dog Spa for the best interest and well-being of their pet.
4. If the pet is found to have been infested with fleas, Flea treatment will be given at the owner’s expense.
5. The owner understands that all quoted grooming prices are estimates and may be increased/decreased at the groomers discretion based on the pet’s coat condition, skin condition, special handling needs, the demeanor of the pet and by all other additional services requested by the owner or deemed necessary by the groomer.
6. The owner understands that the act of hair cutting in any form including, hand stripping, carding or shaving may result in hair loss, patchiness, skin irritations, sores and/or cuts and may expose a pre-existing medical condition.
7. The owner understands that whilst Organix Dog Spa provides a clean environment, an unvaccinated pet is always at risk of contracting diseases. It is the owner’s responsibility to inform Organix Dog Spa of any changes in vaccination status.
8. If the pet’s nails require cutting, the owner understands that there is the possibility of exposing the quick, which may or may not bleed, at the time of grooming or anytime afterwards. In the event the pet’s nail/s do bleed, the groomer will apply the appropriate first aid procedure and attempt to prevent excessive bleeding. I.e. Applying styptic powder or corn flour etc.
9. Organix Dog Spa will exercise all due responsible care to prevent injury or illness to the owner’s pet. However, in the event of illness, injury or death, the owner and said responsible person of the pet will not personally hold liable the owner/s of Organix Dog Spa for such instances.
10. Failure to provide 48 hours notice for appointment amendments or cancellations may result in the prepayment of your next appointment or forfeiting of any deposits paid.
11. Any deposits paid are non-refundable and non-transferable and will be deducted from your pet/s final appointment value.
12. Organix Dog Spa reserves the right to amend or cancel any appointment at any time, for any reason whether they are made online, in person or over the phone. (We will obviously inform you, though. We’re not monsters!)
*Please check our website prior to any appointments for updates to these Terms.
We appreciate your understanding & are truly grateful for your business!