We Groom Dog’s of all Ages and Sizes in a Calm, Stress Free & Friendly Environment.

Thorough Consultations

Thorough Consultations We take a look at your dog, asses their coat & temperament and discuss what we can do for you and your pup. No rush. Just a friendly chat.

Cage Free Design

We start with your dog & we end with your dog.
There’s no waiting in a cage during any part of grooming. Only toilet breaks & play time.

Organic & Cruelty Free Products

We only use organic products that have been proven to be gentle & effective on all dogs. Our products are ideal for sensitive, allergy suffering dogs & can aid itching.

Outdoor Break Area.

Our outdoor area is a mixture of fake/real grass, baby fruit trees & flower beds. Your dog will receive multiple breaks throughout their grooming appointment allowing them to stretch their legs, go to the loo and have a sniff around.
We’ve found this method to create a super relaxed & comfortable environment for all dogs.

See Your Dogs Story

Have Instagram or Facebook? We quite often share your dogs story with our ODS Family for you to see how they’re doing. Don’t want your pup online? That’s cool, too. Just let us know!

Lot's of Treats!

We provide all dogs* with 100% Beef Liver treats during grooming & supply organic, hand made treats in our little ODogStore Treat & Grooming Supply Shop.
*Unless otherwise specified.

Beds & Toys For All.

We have blankets, beds & toys available for your pup to use while waiting for pick up. Don’t worry, we still won’t leave them alone. They’ll receive plenty of company while at Organix.

Easily Book to Suit You.

Message or call any way you like! We always respond as quickly as we can, inbetween appointments or by the end of the day. You can email, phone, text or Facebook message us.